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In the constant-changing business world, mergers and acquisitions are not an alien issue to many people. In fact, creating, selling, and buying businesses are all part of the entrepreneur’s journey.

The decision (to sell a business) is made due to different reasons, be it due to retirement, or internal disputes, or incapacitation, or death of principals, or company’s financial performance, either one of these reasons can spur the business owners to consider putting their business on the block.

New business opportunity Singapore

New Business Opportunity

This is the commonly cited reason by the sellers. It is quite normal that people change plans or set off on different paths because they discover new and better opportunities, which is true in many cases.

Revenue Slippage

Revenue Slippage

Reclining profit can be an impetus to sell. In fact, businesses decline for many different reasons, which are often beyond the owner’s control, like external economic downturn or internal financial performance. Some business owners may decide to mitigate the risk by selling off the business.

Industry Changes

Industry Changes

Negative or positive, new industry changes will leave an impact on the existing business. External change includes changes in technology, changes in the consumer behaviours and needs, implementation of new laws or government regulations, or the rise of new competitors in your industry.

Partner Disputes

Partner Disputes

A partnership allows the business owners to share the business profits, the liabilities, and the decision-making process. However, partnerships may turn sour over years due to many reasons. When partnership disputes happened, a business owner may try to resolve the dispute by putting an end to the business – sell the business to another party.

Financial Reasons

Financial Reasons

Business debts and cash flow problems can be the reasons that spur the business owner to sell his business. Needless to say, methods like insolvency and company liquidation (of a business) can help to relieve a business from its debt or other financial burdens. As such, many business owners will choose to sell their business when facing financial difficulties.

That said, business for sale for this strategic reasons:

  1. To gain market share,
  2. To fund an expansion,
  3. To increase capital for an acquisition,
  4. To have better management,
  5. To secure a leadership succession

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