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In the constant-changing business world, mergers and acquisitions are not an alien issue to many people. In fact, creating, selling, and buying businesses are all part of the entrepreneur’s journey.

The decision (to sell a business) is made due to different reasons, be it due to retirement, or internal disputes, or incapacitation, or death of principals, or company’s financial performance, either one of these reasons can spur the business owners to consider putting their business on the block.

New business opportunity Singapore

New Business Opportunity

This is the commonly cited reason by the sellers. It is quite normal that people change plans or set off on different paths because they discover new and better opportunities, which is true in many cases.

Revenue Slippage

Revenue Slippage

Reclining profit can be an impetus to sell. In fact, businesses decline for many different reasons, which are often beyond the owner’s control, like external economic downturn or internal financial performance. Some business owners may decide to mitigate the risk by selling off the business.

Industry Changes

Industry Changes

Negative or positive, new industry changes will leave an impact on the existing business. External change includes changes in technology, changes in the consumer behaviours and needs, implementation of new laws or government regulations, or the rise of new competitors in your industry.

Partner Disputes

Partner Disputes

A partnership allows the business owners to share the business profits, the liabilities, and the decision-making process. However, partnerships may turn sour over years due to many reasons. When partnership disputes happened, a business owner may try to resolve the dispute by putting an end to the business – sell the business to another party.

Financial Reasons

Financial Reasons

Business debts and cash flow problems can be the reasons that spur the business owner to sell his business. Needless to say, methods like insolvency and company liquidation (of a business) can help to relieve a business from its debt or other financial burdens. As such, many business owners will choose to sell their business when facing financial difficulties.

That said, business for sale for this strategic reasons:

  1. To gain market share,
  2. To fund an expansion,
  3. To increase capital for an acquisition,
  4. To have better management,
  5. To secure a leadership succession
South Korea

Why Buy Business in Singapore?

Why Buy Business in Singapore

Though there are pros and cons to both buy business Singapore and starting one from scratch, many people see it as a business opportunity for takeover in Singapore. With a start-up, a business owner has to dedicate all his energy in getting the business off the ground and this can be time-consuming and exhausting. However, taking over a business, especially an established business, means he can pay more attention to the particular parts of the business.

Whether you are buying or selling a business in Singapore, you need to understand the market, industry trend as well as the company performance itself. At Easy Buy Sell Business also voted as the most innovative platform, the platform to aid the buying and selling of business in Singapore, we aim to help in terms of finding the best business opportunity for takeover in Singapore, providing the comprehensive information of business for sale in Singapore as well as helping you to ease in the business takeover Singapore.

Why Buy Business in Malaysia?

Why Buy Business in Malaysia

If you are in a dilemma on whether to buy a business in Malaysia or not, here are some top incentives that will definitely

  • The Malaysian government has laid down liberal policies for businesses
  • Lucrative incentives if you are a foreign investor
  • Skilled and youthful workforce can be availed that are cost-effective at the same time
  • Malaysia ranks as the world’s twenty-fifth most competitive economy
  • World Bank has ranked the nation as the sixth easiest place globally for doing business in its 2014 report
  • A business in Malaysia has the ability of being a visa sponsor for its director provided the company’s share capital is more than RM 500,000
  • Businesses in Malaysia enjoys the privilege of conducting duty-free trades through the country’s free ports
  • A resident business in Malaysia has to incur lower startup expenses in comparison to Singapore
  • Businesses in Malaysia enjoy tremendous consumer demand in both foreign as well as Asian markets such as China, India, Vietnam, and Singapore

Why Buy Business in Philippines?

Why Buy Business in Philippines

There are so many destinations all over the world. So, the big question is why one should consider purchasing a business in the Philippines. Check out some top reasons why you should purchase a business in the Philippines

1. Ease of conducting business
Several foreigners who initially make an attempt to enter the Philippines market might feel that the country’s business environment is tough but it is not true. While the processes could be bureaucratic at times, there are certain shortcuts, which enable things to move faster than even some of the western countries.

2. Lower salary rates
Although the salary rates for unskilled and skilled labor in the country is higher than some of the developing nations, they are significantly lower than many western developed countries.

3. Philippines Government offers alluring tax incentives for the businesses
The government can offer some incentives for a business in case it is situated in one of the country’s export zones or is an export-oriented firm. Such incentives can range from income tax exemptions for 4 to 6 years, duty-free import of raw materials and equipment among others.

Why Buy Business in Vietnam?

Why Buy Business in Vietnam

There are various benefits of buying a business in Vietnam. Check out some of them below:

1. Positive economic growth
Since the beginning of the 2000s, the country has witnessed an inspiring economic growth of around 6 percent every year. This has been possible due to strong political and economic reforms in Vietnam. It is predicted to exhibit even higher economic growth in the coming years.

2. The highest influx of FDI in South-East Asia
Vietnam also enjoys a high inflow of FDI in the region and especially from countries such as Japan, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan among others. While the majority of these investments have been made in the manufacturing sector, the government has also increased accepting investments in areas like education and infrastructure.

3. Lower labor costs
Vietnam enjoys one of the lower labor costs in the region. Plus, most of the population of the country is relatively young. About 60 percent of the country’s population is in between 25 to 49-year-old.

4. Lucrative tax benefits
The government awards tax benefits based on the project, industry, and location.

Why Buy Business in Thailand?

Why Buy Business in Thailand

Do you have plans for buying a business in Thailand? The country offers several merits if you decide to purchase a business there.

1. Reasonable income tax for corporate
A major advantage is the government levies reasonable income taxes on businesses in Thailand ranging from 10 to 30 percent based on the profits.

2. Ease of business application procedures
Thailand has been ranked as the seventeenth easiest country globally pertaining to doing business. Thus, buying a business here is a smart decision starting from cheap application costs to simple bureaucratic procedures.

3. Convenient transport in the region
Thailand’s capital Bangkok is regarded as a transportation hub both nationally and in the entire Southeast Asian region.

4. Reasonable business costs
Such costs include the expenses for renting an office space that is much economical as compared to many other cities. Costs of water and industrial power are also reasonable for businesses in the country.

5. Bustling tourism industry
The country is a haven for numerous expatriates as well as tourists. Thailand is regarded as one of the most tourist-friendly countries globally.

Why Buy Business in Indonesia?

Why Buy Business in Indonesia

If you are wondering why to buy a business in Indonesia, here are some solid reasons for you to do so:

1. Growing GDP year-by-year
The GDP of Indonesia is growing at a yearly rate of 6 percent. Plus, it is world’s fourth populous nation. As such, the per capita purchasing power and income of Indonesia are also on an upward curve. It is little wonder then why the local residents of the country are crazy for international products, services, and brands and are not averse to spending their money on quality items

2. Low cost of living
The cost of living in Indonesia is very low as compared to many western nations including wages, rents, transport cost, utilities, and food items among others.

3. Diversification of industries
Although the Indonesian government was more focused towards accepting foreign investments only in the manufacturing sector historically, their scope has expanded now to the vast service sector of the country creating more opportunities.

Why Buy Business in China?

Why Buy Business in China

If you are confused whether to buy a business in China, look no further. Here are some of the top reasons why you should do that without delay:

1. Extensive support of the Chinese government
Entrepreneurs can expect extensive support from the government of China ranging from offering subsidies to incubators as well as plenty of supportive steps for facilitating innovation and entrepreneurship in the country.

2. The Chinese market for consumers is growing and huge
It signifies that businessmen have immense chances of scaling their ventures. The growing Chinese market is also a specific benefit. As such, any business has more space for growth as compared to several other countries.

3. A wide flow of money
The availability of money in the Chinese market is truly impressive, particularly due to private equity and venture capital. Specifically, the risk capital in China has started to become more professional and mature in the last few years.

Why Buy Business in Hong Kong?

Why Buy Business in Hong Kong

Hong Kong boasts of a simple tax structure along with an enviable world-class infrastructure. The strategic location of the city is the main attraction for the entrepreneurs. The location of Hong Kong is ideal for businesses that want to conduct business with Asia and mainland China. Here are some top reasons why you should consider buying a business in the city:

1. Boasts a world-class infrastructure
Hong Kong has the 5th busiest international airport in the world making it a bustling global hub.

2. Gateway to mainland
Hong Kong has been acknowledged as the most preferred access route for business to mainland China for over 150 years. Businesses in Hong Kong get preferential access because exports made to mainland China are free from the tariff.

3. The freest economy in the world
Hong Kong boasts an extremely liberal economy. In fact, it is the perfect city to buy, develop and grow a business.

Why Buy Business in India?

Why Buy Business in India

There are several merits of buying a business in India due to the county’s development-friendly reforms. Check out the following top benefits of buying a business in the country:

1. Organized employability
One of the key deciding factors for owning and running a business in any country in the world, especially in a brand new make is the availability of employability. The country has a huge and impressive labor force of about 530 million. The majority of this labor force is below 30-year-old.

2. Indian markets are all set to explode
The consumer spending in India is only about 57 percent as opposed to 72 percent for the United States of America. The figure indicates that there is a whopping 1.2 trillion USD worth opportunity in the emerging consumer sector of the country.

3. Ease of managing a business
The government of India has taken a number of proactive steps for making it simpler to run a business in the country by slashing the compliance burden.

Why Buy Business in Australia?

Why Buy Business in Australia

Australia is famous for its pristine beaches, laidback lifestyle, and an amicable atmosphere. However, more recently the place is gaining popularity as an excellent location to buy businesses.

Here are some of the key reasons why you should purchase a business in Australia:
1. Location advantage
Australia boats strong and friendly cultural and economic ties with several countries in the rapidly-developing Asia-Pacific region.

2. Talented workforce in abundance
The labor force in Australia is highly skilled, educated, multilingual, and multicultural. The country has the highest rate of secondary education in the world. About 40 percent of Australia’s workforce holds an advanced diploma or a tertiary qualification.

3. Globally successful industries
It enjoys global success in various key industries including energy, resources, agribusiness, tourism, education, and financial services.

4. Encourages innovation
The country supports globally significant and world-class research & development opportunities.

5. Two decades of consistent economic growth
It offers a low-risk and safe environment to do trade and business. After all, the country has the distinction of 2 decades of stable and consistent economic growth.

Why Buy Business in New Zealand?

Why Buy Business in New Zealand

Are you thinking of starting a new business? You can opt to buy one in New Zealand for the following top reasons:

1. Low cost, high quality
The country offers drastically lower costs for running businesses under expense heads such as lower facility costs, average wage rates, and costs for export compliance as compared to Australia, its neighboring country.

2. Internationally well-connected and centrally positioned
New Zealand is situated at a strategic location from where global exports can be done quite conveniently. The country is well-connected to Asian, North American, and European markets. In fact, New Zealand also enjoys FTA (Free Trade Agreements) will all top economies to promote easier investment and trade flows.

3. Secure and stable economy
The country boasts a stable and consistent economy. It features on the list of top twenty sovereign nations in the world. New Zealand has had a low-inflation rate for over 2 decades, a strong focus on the stability of price and an independent monetary policy.

Why Buy Business in Cambodia?

Why Buy Business in Cambodia

Cambodia has emerged as an excellent place to buy or start a new business. Read on to know the major reasons for that:
1. Low cost and young workforce in abundance
Cambodia is a low-wage country with about 50 USD every month on an average. Moreover, it boasts a motivated and trainable workforce, which is definitely a big asset in the increasingly competitive global economy today.

2. Extremely competitive investment perks
The announcement of Cambodia’s new investment laws signifies that the country now has some of the finest business incentives in Southeast Asia. Thus, the kingdom boasts an outward-looking economy and a lucrative place to buy a business. Check out some of the key highlights of this new law.

  • Land lease for up to seventy years
  • Lack of discrimination between local and foreign investors
  • No price controls and nationalization
  • Free profit repatriation
  • Tax on dividends cannot be withheld
  • Loss can be carried forward for up to five years
  • Tax holidays for a maximum period of 8 years
  • Only 9 percent income/corporate tax

Why Buy Business in Japan?

Why Buy Business in Japan

Japan is one of the most developed Asian countries. Check out why it makes sense to do business in the country:

1. Highly educated workforce
Japan boasts of more than 600 universities that simply go on to indicate that the workplaces give immense preference to education as a great quality. Japanese graduates from the country’s prestigious universities get lucrative job offers since the university names carry great weight age.

2. Gateway to the Asian market
Japan offers a stable yet exciting market for doing business that is liberal for foreign investment and trade. The county is globally competitive in fields such as automotive and IT, healthcare, and environment.

3. Dedicated employees
Cooperation and loyalty are regarded as two of the most important values in the corporate world of Japan. In fact, these traits are held in high regard as opposed to competition and aggression. Employees in Japan feel proud of their jobs. There is a strong sense of ethics in Japanese workplaces.

Why Buy Business in Laos?

Why Buy Business in Laos

There are various advantages of buying a new business in Laos. All of them simplify the process of doing business in the country. Following are some of the top reasons for investing in Laos:

1. Competitive merits

  • Stable financial and socio-economic country
  • Low crime rate/high security
  • One of the region’s most politically stable nations
  • 42 nations have been awarded the nation GSP Privileges
  • Low wage costs in comparison to its neighboring nations
  • Open regulations and laws for fostering favorable investment and business environments

2. Comparative merits

  • Almost no incidents of natural disaster
  • Numerous tourism development sites
  • Fertile agricultural land in abundance
  • Abundant and unexploited natural resources

3. Collaborations with international and regional arena

  • Laos enjoys investment treaties with 27 nations
  • NTR (Normal Trade Relations) with the United States of America
  • GSP (General Special Preferences) privilege with as many as 42 nations
  • Members of various international organizations

Why Buy Business in Myanmar?

Why Buy Business in Myanmar

Myanmar was previously called Burma and is an emerging economy with plenty of significant potentials to buy a business. The country has migrated from a military rule to democracy and has had a transition from a centrally controlled economy to a market-oriented one. Myanmar is on its journey towards a prosperous future.

The recent governmental reforms have led to improve the country’s business climate and offer a favorable environment for new businesses making their entry into the market. There have been so many progressive reforms in the country since 2011 and have led to several international engagements favorable for entrepreneurship.

1. Expenses for doing business in the country are less
Myanmar has been opening up for trades and has been encouraging investment from foreign countries. There have been so many interesting business opportunities for foreigners as well as local entrepreneurs.

2. Opportunities to open and do business in infrastructure-related sectors such as:

  • Construction of mobile towers
  • Laying, installation of cable engineering
  • Network engineering and planning
  • Internet service providers

Why Buy Business in South Korea?

Why Buy Business in South Korea

South Korea is the 4th largest economy in Asia and also has the distinction of being the world’s 12th largest economy. The country is a vibrant and dynamic place to buy and do business. South Korea has a strong domestic population of 50 million who are always keen to purchase the best and are savvy, and affluent. These are some of the key reasons for buying a business in South Korea:

1. Attractive incentive
FDI incentives offer a great way to encourage foreign investors in the country. The foreign entrepreneurs can reduce their startup expenses, especially since there are specific free trade zones determined by the Government. Such incentives provide greater motivation to expand businesses.

2. Strategic location
The country is situated strategically between countries like Japan and China. South Korea enjoys close proximity to over 60 cities.

3. Great infrastructure
The country is well-equipped with rails, roads, airports, and seaports. Its excellent infrastructure is a great booster to buy a business in South Korea.

Why Buy Business in Taiwan?

Why Buy Business in Taiwan

There are so many benefits of starting or purchasing a business in Taiwan. These include an educated workforce, great infrastructure, and its favorable geographical location among others.

1. Educated workforce
You are certain to get a highly educated workforce if you plan to do business in Taiwan. There are abundant Research & Development talents available in the job market of the country. The country boasts a higher educated workforce too. About 43.7 percent of the country’s workforce possesses a background of higher education, university background or a university degree.

2. Favorable geographical position
Taiwan is situated right in the middle of the Asia Pacific area. The country is equipped with an excellent transport facility. You can fly from Taiwan to all the 7 key cities of Western Pacific within 55 minutes to 2 hours of average flying time.

3. Superior infrastructure
At present, the country has 2 international airports and 7 major international harbors. The country also features domestic airports, highways, railways, and passenger transportation systems for long distance domestic transportation.