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About EasyBuySellBusiness.com

Every great website has a humble beginning. And EasyBuySellBusiness.com was no different. From one talented, driven and business minded entrepreneur was born one great idea that would eventually dominate in Singapore’s buying and selling business arena online.

Our humble beginnings started with a man, who found that buying and selling businesses in Singapore was very difficult, time consuming and challenging. Frustrated, he decided that there must be a better way to deal with this and set out to find a solution to the problem.

Rising to the challenge, He was determined to help every business in Singapore easily sell and buy businesses quickly, effectively and efficiently in a safe, one-stop portal for all, and even better if could be done at a reduce cost. He quickly went to work, brainstorming, researching and working hard to reach the ideal solution. Fuelled by his desire to help every type of business – from the smallest to the biggest- experience a much simpler, easier and more convenient way of buying and selling their businesses, He was adamant that the platform be easily accessible and easy to use by everyone.  And that is how EasyBuySellBusiness.com was born.

Since it first kicked off, the website has only grown stronger and better day by day to become Singapore’s number one buying and selling platform voted for by its users. EasyBuySellBusiness.com is truly appreciative and grateful for our very supportive business community because this success would never have been possible without their tremendous support.

A big, heartfelt thank you to all our loyal supporters, and thank you for helping EasyBuySellBusiness.com grow to the point is has become possible for this platform to be offered for FREE to all its users long term.

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Singapore’s Most Innovative Business for Sales Platform

Being voted as Singapore’s Most Innovative Business for Sales Platform by Singapore Brand is truly and honour and we are very happy to continue to work hard and be worthy of this title. We are passionate about what we do and about the customers we service and we will continue to find better and more innovative solutions to meet every customer’s needs.

Thanks to his efforts and the team at EasyBuySellBusiness.com, buying and selling in Singapore has never been easier. The best thing about it? This free service offers users the guarantee and security that their business is in good hands with a website that is trusted by all who use it.