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For sale: Greek-based non-operational aquaculture business with 5 hectares of land and 3 fishponds in Greece

– Non-operational aquaculture business consisting of the land of 4.9 hectares and 3 ponds. – The 3 ponds on sale are close to the sea. – Licenses currently allow the production of 120 tonnes of fish, with the ability to extend to 240 tonnes with the addition of liquid oxygen facilities. – Fish ponds are

Tilapia Fish Farm for Sale in Lake Yojoa, Honduras

TILAPIA  FARM, Lake Yojoa  ,Honduras Great Investment Opportunity to reactive  one of the World’s largest and most intensive Tilapia projects, designed by APT(Aquaculture Production Technology) in late 1995 and 1996. Awarded the Gold Medal for taste and freshness in 2004 by the American Tasting Institute. The Company is located in the Republic of Honduras, with

A Greenhouse Complex with Residential and Non-residential Premises for Sale in Akbarak, Uzbekistan

A ready-made business is for sale with all the conditions: an operating greenhouse complex with strawberries (4500 m2), non-residential premises (storage boxes, shops) (1024 m2), living space (216 m2). Total area: 9180 m2.   Uzbekistan is a great country to do business. Be your own boss by taking over an existing business than starting a

0909001 Chantaburi Palm Oil Farm in Chantaburi, Thailand for Sale

Chantaburi Palm Oil Farm for Sale Listing No. 066-09-09-001 Business:  Farming Location:  Chantaburi, Thailand Features:  The total land size is 48 Rai 48 Wah2 (76,992m2) under three title deeds. It is located inside the village in Ampur Na Yai Am and about 600 meters to the highway road number 1011 in Chantaburi. The land has

Bioconversion Business via Black Soldier Fly for Sale in Malaysia

Bioconversion via Black Soldier Fly Converting organic waste into quality protein Sunrise industry that addresses 2 global issues at one go – diverting organic waste from landfill to reduce pollution, and produce insect protein to replace fishmeal to relief food security issue and to conserve the marine ecosystem. The existing partnership with local municipal for

High Productive Soy Farm for Sale in Brazil

Localized in Brazil 47,000 acres Soy, Corn and Eucalyptus High Profitable  100% for Sale USD 162,000,000.00   Brazil is a great country to do business. Be your own boss by taking over an existing business than starting a new business if you are unsure how to start a company. Business for sale in Brazil is your

Fish Farm for Sale (Business for Takeover) in Singapore
Rare! Very Amazing And Profitable New Business

Rare! Very Amazing And Profitable New Business( 高盈利 )

We are seeking for Potential Business Partners for the Only Horseshoe Crab Farm In Singapore. Market Price of Horseshoe Crab Blue Blood 1 Liter = USD15,000 Do you know that Horseshoe Crab Blue Blood has Saved Countless Lives? Every man, woman, child and domestic animal on this planet that uses medical services is connected to