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Large Vineyard for sale/Wine business in Romania

Large Vineyard for Sale/Wine Business in Romania

*PRICE IS NEGOTIABLE* **THE BUSINESS IS ALSO OPEN FOR PARTNERSHIP* Located in the countryside, in a hilly area, this beautiful vineyard consists of two close together parcels, one of which covers ~230 hectares (568 acres) and the other ~70 hectares (173 acres). The plantation is very well maintained, with little investment required and with an

Rare! Very Amazing And Profitable New Business

Rare! Very Amazing And Profitable New Business( 高盈利 )

We are seeking for Potential Business Partners for the Only Horseshoe Crab Farm In Singapore. Market Price of Horseshoe Crab Blue Blood 1 Liter = USD15,000 Do you know that Horseshoe Crab Blue Blood has Saved Countless Lives? Every man, woman, child and domestic animal on this planet that uses medical services is connected to