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Bugis Junction unit to takeover

Bugis Junction unit to takeover! Option of 1 year lease only, and may extend later.

Hi 您好!/ Hello there, 我们目前正在寻找有兴趣在武吉士商场经营生意的零售业者。目前租赁合约只剩下一年,非常适合想测试市场的零售业者或是不想被长年合约约束的创业人士。我们家已经在武吉士商场(Bugis Junction) 经营了将近十年的时间,但却因为个人因素必须将此店面顶让出去。您可以直接拿下此店的装潢,直接开始营业。如有详细细节需要讨论,请拨电致 98550567 (Apple)。我很乐意与您商讨须知的质询。谢谢! I am looking for those who are keen to start up their business at Bugis Junction. You may take over the shop as it is, and do not need to be tied up for long lease as long as 3 years because the current leasing contract