Posted January 16, 2018 at 10:12 am by Kok Wei Lim

E-Commerce Website Creator + Marketplace

It’s a startup created in 2012. The platform has been well maintained and stable through the test of time.

Brandrow allow anyone to create their own online shop (Similar to Shopify). It’s packed with powerful customisation options, such as liquid templating engine, which allow user to create their own theme using html and liquid markups.

The feature that set it apart from Shopify, etc, is the marketplace, which is similar to Qoo10, Lazada, etc. It’s a community curated products from approved shops on Brandrow platform. So any shops that want to be listed in the marketplace have to first get approval from Brandrow.

Started in September 2012. It was one of the fastest growing e-commerce creator in Singapore, with over 4,000 shops onboard.

Everything came to a slowdown in 2014, when I was enlisted into NS.

Now, fast-forward 3 years, I did not have the time to commit into the growth of the startup. So I’m looking for someone who is able to commit and grow the platform to its origin glory.

Running on Amazon EC2 for web server and Amazon RDS for database.
Powerful e-commerce creator, with custom templating engine support (Liquid).
Heavily optimized on Caching and CDN for better performance.

You can continue the original path of Brandrow, which is simply targeting fashion online shops. Such as blogshops, retailers, etc.

Or, you can change the direction, such as targeting furniture, automobile, etc.

Currently, we operate on a freemium model, with a paid monthly subscription option.

You can also explore other model such as payment transaction fee, or even marketplace featured listing etc.

We are a e-commerce creator + marketplace.

So far, there’s no direct competitor with similar model. Most of our competitors simply focus on 1 aspect, such as Shopify, BigCartel, BigCommerce which focuses on e-commerce creator.

And qoo10, lazada, Zalora which focus on the marketplace.

The nearest competitor we can find would be Storenvy, which have the exact same model as us.

After the slowdown in 2014 (When I enlisted), the number of paying customer dramatically reduced, since most of the users are actually teenagers opening up their blogshop business (Which eventually fail), thus, terminating their plan with us.

I would definitely advise changing the direction of the platform, to target small businesses or retailers.

Why we fail?
Well, not exactly. In fact, we are still in operation, and have several paying customers. But our problem lies with the direction from the start. We targetted a small segment, the blogshops, which are normally owned by teenagers with no spending power. Normally, the shops will eventually close down after a few months. Therefore, we have to constantly acquire new customers to accommodate the constant dip in our growth.

I’m offloading at an extremely low price. A portal with such amount of features and stability does not come cheap. You can easily ask for a quotation from a web design company, it would easily be over 100k, and stability and sustainability might still be a question mark.

We are the one who committed our time and effort into maintaining the platform, so we really understand how well the back-end is crafted and will definitely withstand the test of time of fast-changing technology.

It’s an asset worth investing on, the potential is huge with high possibility to convert into other business ideas and models which can potentially be the next big thing. Our technology is there, it’s just the execution and ideation that need to be done right.

Enough talk, just try it out yourself:

Go on, create your own online shop, explore the Admin Panel, change your theme colours, or even go into the editor mode, and edit your own template in HTML markup. Explore the marketplace, see the features we have in place, look at the potential.

This listing will be removed as soon as I receive enough response.

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