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Education Franchise – Award Winning Singapore Mathematics Franchise (5 – 12 Years Old) in Singapore

Ideal age group:  K1 – P6

Learning math the fun and creative way!

eiMaths centres helps kids tackle mathematical problems through personalised, activity-based learning and problem solving strategies, promoting thinking skills in the child.

If you want to teach a young child how to count money or tell the time, perhaps it might be more effective to have him do the task by counting change using real coins or move the hands of a clock. That’s how enrichment centre eiMaths helps its students learn. With 16 Franchise outlets islandwide, one Franchise centre in Oklahoma and a Master Franchisor in Dubai, UAE, eiMaths focuses only on mathematics for children from Kindergarten One (5 years old) to Primary 6 (12 years old).

eiMaths has its own specially-developed workbooks, 44 full-coloured workbooks a year, aligned with the Ministry of Education’s syllabus.

Classes are divided by education level as the method of instruction differs.

Kindergarten 1 to Primary 3 students can be in one class and Primary 4, 5 and 6 students in separate classes

For the Kindergarten 1 to Primary 3 students, a diagnostic test will be conducted upon enrollment to assess the individual’s Mathematical ability.

The kindergarten and lower primary classes students will work on workbooks as well as participate in hands-on activities, with learning tools, of their respective level designed to train foundational skills such as critical thinking, visualising and number sense.

Class sizes are kept small, on average of one teacher to not more than eight students, so that the teacher is able to help each student. Upper primary classes are focused on preparing students for the Primary School Leaving Examinations especially the Mathematics Paper 2.

Workbooks for upper primary are designed to exercise problem-solving heuristics. When a child encounters a problem he is unable to solve, the teacher will coach the class with a five-step problem-solving technique and have the class attempt to solve it together.

eiMath’s teachers all go through training in-house on how to develop in students independent thinking.

eiMaths currently has 16 centers located island wide. It also has centers in Oklahoma City, USA & Dubai, UAE.

For more information, visit  or call: 6841-8148  to find out more.

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