EK Consultancy
Posted June 16, 2021 at 2:43 pm by EK Consultancy

EK Consultancy – Tuition Agency for Take over in Singapore

EK Consultancy specialised in Business Sales, Expansion and Purchase for clients. Our Team of consultants support by admin Staff is well equipped to assist all clients. Connect with us at 68295349. OR www.ekconsultancy.com.sg for details.


***  https://youtu.be/PDNP-zH4_jg  *** (EK Consultancy Introduction Video )

Estimates detail: ( Selling price $480k)

  1. Automated software to match Tutors & Students
  2. More Than 2000 Tutors based
  3. More Than 5000 Past students
  4. Recurring students / Existing students – 300 plus
  5. Operates agency in Singapore , Malaysia and Hong Kong.

Singapore is a great country to do business. Be your own boss by taking over an existing business than starting a new business if you are unsure how to start a company. Business for sale in Singapore is your best choice and you can look for our business broker for assistance or business advisor to advise you further in your business needs.