Established Crepe Shop
Posted October 24, 2018 at 9:28 am by Vina

Established Crepe Shop. Good Location. Low Takeover Fee. Available Immediately.

Established crepe shop located at The Cathay, Handy Road.

Our crepes are well-loved by all, regardless of ages and genders. Customizable toppings on crepes to fit everyone’s tastebud. Raved by moviegoers for years; shop has been around at The Cathay for 3 years, and there are 6 other outlets in Singapore. Quality food guaranteed.

Crepes and drinks sold in the shop are allowed in the cinemas – a PERK and uniqueness of location – the only cinema in Singapore to allow food other than popcorns inside their cinemas. Most of our customers, if not all, purposely make a trip to The Cathay to catch their weekly movie outings just because of our crepes!

Crowds are always expected during weekends, eve of PH, PH, school holiday periods, and festive seasons.

Expect queues for crepes especially during blockbuster movies releases! Upcoming blockbusters expected every month from November onwards! Year end holiday season will bring even more moviegoers with throngs of children!

Training is provided, and shop is well-staffed.

Shop is fully fitted with 3x industrial grade French-manufactured crepe machines, 2-door chiller, Arizona drinks fridge, Mingo Ice-Cream freezer, multiple cabinets for ingredients storage, a storeroom with 2x floor-to-ceiling racks for inventory storage, and a mini office space. Shop space all extremely well-maintained with A-grade cleanliness quality.

Stock sufficient for takeover month also included in the takeover fee. Fuss-free takeover, available immediately, just undergo on-the-job training and run business as usual. Contact for more information. Open for further negotiation.