Posted February 19, 2021 at 7:00 pm by asid1

For sale: Greek-based non-operational aquaculture business with 5 hectares of land and 3 fishponds in Greece

– Non-operational aquaculture business consisting of the land of 4.9 hectares and 3 ponds.

– The 3 ponds on sale are close to the sea.

– Licenses currently allow the production of 120 tonnes of fish, with the ability to extend to 240 tonnes with the addition of liquid oxygen facilities.

– Fish ponds are directly connected to the sea, giving the fish opportunity to feed free-range, therefore producing a stock of excellent quality.

– Ponds are also connected to a warm water source, which stabilizes temperatures in both hot and cold weather, allowing for fish farming all year round.

– Licenses, environmental studies, and land contracts are currently active and the business is therefore easily transferable.

– The land belongs to the municipality and is leased at an annual rent of approx. EUR 6,000. Lease agreements are valid till 2050, and the owner of the contracts has the first say at their renewal.

– Outbuilding of 432 sq. m. which needs to be relocated due to licensing issues. It may be moved to another available area, which comes with the ponds.

– The previous owner established this business 24 years ago and it was subsequently acquired by us 6 years ago, with the purpose of reselling.

– The business recorded revenue of EUR 1 million at its peak.

– In the past the business farmed sea bass, sea bream, sharpsnout seabream and white seabream.

– This is a real opportunity and our business has huge potential.

– The asking price for the business is 360,000 EUR, approx. $435,000.

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