iGift Ltd - Platform for Online Gifting Business for Sale in Bulgaria
Posted January 17, 2020 at 1:55 pm by Ventsislav Simeonov

iGift Ltd – Platform for Online Gifting Business for Sale in Bulgaria

iGift.bg was awarded a gold medal at the International Fair of innovation in Taipei ( Taiwan ).
iGift.bg is an electronic platform that allows the customer to make a gift to a friend or relative – online by sending him an e-card of the favourite brand with a predetermined monetary value, which is determined by the customer ! Gift cards are sent electronically (via email, SMS, and possible with Viber), after which he/she will be able to use them in the respective merchant. From our observations we have to date show that, the GIF card service offers its advantages for both customers and merchants, saving time and distance! In addition to being purely for end-users, we already have a business concept in place for how the platform can be useful for business users as well. Through iGift.bg, we could create separate marketing campaigns for business customers using so-called “online gifting” to employees, loyal customers, partners, etc., thus giving a gift to those people who’ll use it within the merchant, rather than investing in making cards/vouchers, etc.

We are searching for:

1) A buyer or a partner who can develop this business in another country. We’re willing to give full rights to someone who sees the potential of our platform in their market, can build up its functionality and can establish a strong partner network. It can be developed into something new if the vision of the buyer/partner is wise enough.

2) An investor who can help us increase the functionality of our platform – we have many ideas as developing a group gifting, developing the platform as a marketing tool and many others. Also to help us position the product in the market.

iGift ltd. is established 3 years ago by three colleagues as an idea that came to our office. It was then when a colleague came into the office with treats for his birthday, we have forgotten and quickly gathered some money with whom we bought a voucher in the nearest Mall. That day we thought “why there’s no online gift voucher platform where we can choose a brand and send it right away ? “. That’s how all started. 

The development of this business is hard when you don’t have money to start with. Everything has been done with our own resources. We have a lot of ideas for the platform – it can be used as a marketing instrument in companies to make gifts for employees; as a marketing instrument to push sales for customers and send incentives; for the end-user as gift provider platform, group gifting also, video cards and many other things. 


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