Innovative Products Business Takeover 13K
Posted March 28, 2017 at 9:44 am by ShyneSP

Innovative Products Business Takeover 13K

I have a business which consist of innovative products. Products consist of gadgets, toys, mugs. 3D Pens, Laser Keyboard, Colour Changing Mugs, Drones, Self Stirring Mugs, Multi Function Selfie Stick, Kinectic Sand, Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker, Whiskey Stones, Shot Glass Ice Mould, Wine Chilling Rod and many more. My sales revenue comes from selling in on free sites, such as carousell and gumtree. This is also a wholesale business, as you can approach retailers to buy your products. My total inventory cost is 14K till date (Cost Price), I am letting it go at a discounted price. 

Perks for buying over my inventory

  1. I will provide you my China Agents contact details and you are able to order or any new product or existing product that you would like to import in. My agent will be able to source the product from China and make sure it is delivered to your door step.

  2. I have purchased smartpac envelops and boxes from post office for cheaper delivery options, I am able to sell you that at the cost price I bought it for

  3. I will offer you a big roll of bubble wrap for free, to pack your orders

  4. I will give you the contact of a local freight forwarder which I use to deliver my wholesale orders

  5. You are also able to expand your business by offering corporate gifts to companies. I will explain how it can be done

  6. Basically, I can go thru with you how to run the business from A-Z. this business is very easy and smooth sailing with positive income every month.

Reason I am giving up this business: I have another business running concurrently and I do not have time in hand to manage this business. 

Average  monthly profit is about 2K every month, just by selling my products online. Excluding wholesale etc. 

Interested and serious buyers are open to view my products.