Posted September 20, 2021 at 11:44 am by modernliving3030


The company is equipped with a license issued by the Malaysian Government to conduct business in the following categories:

Housing loan

Personal loan

Business Loans

Car Loans

Motorcycle Loans

Electrical / Electronic Appliances Loan
Secured Loans (Pawn Business)

There are no restrictions on the change of business location (within Malaysia) or director.

This Online Loan License will allow companies to promote and provide loans nationwide online.

Currently, there are only 5 licenses issued throughout Malaysia and all of them are owned by major companies.

The selling price of the Company together with the Online Loan License is RM1.5 million. (Ringgit Malaysia One Million and Five Hundred Thousand only)

Malaysia is a great country to do business. Be your own boss by taking over an existing business than starting a new business if you are unsure how to start a company. Business for sale in Malaysia is your best choice and you can look for our business broker for assistance or business advisor to advise you further in your business needs.