Looking for Business Partner in Singapore
Posted April 24, 2020 at 2:30 am by Kenny Marc Goh

Looking for Business Partner in Singapore

Calling out for entrepreneurs!

We need business partners who are equipped with Digital Marketing Strategies & Wanna Go Global. We need Graphic Designers Or IT Consultants as well!

What are we into?

We are into Mobile App & Social Media.

What are the goals? – We are gonna open a matchmaking agency & swiping matches !

Who are the targeted consumers?

We are gonna do global users!

We looking at partnerships shares of 20% each , max 5 pax. Definitely gonna be low budget to allow you drive your BMW & stay rich to go global!

So Hop On and Discuss today! Please pm me at whatsapp six five eight , triple 7 , nine eight 5 eight!


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