Lot of 28.8 ACRES
Posted March 1, 2020 at 11:15 am by Daniel Contreras

Opportunity Lot for Sale in Costa Rica

Excellent and unique opportunity! A set of 6 farms in which a unified total of 116,658.65m2 (28.8Acres) is sold. A beautiful view that is lost in the distance from the heights of Chimirol, where you can see in the distance the city of Perez Zeledon and, on the other hand, a view of the dream mountain, which makes it a perfect point. point of view, a delicious mountain climate, flora and fauna, a nascent river, the main farm has ICE electric service and water from the A / A aqueduct, it has a stone slab. just 7 minutes from the Chirripó National Park, 33 minutes from the Las Quebradas Biological Center, 32 minutes from the “Los Cusingos” Bird Shelter Dr. Alexander Skutch, beautiful cabins, restaurants, and it is a very tourist place to be so close to the Chirripó National Park. The 6 properties are sold together, each of them is duly registered and best of all is the price! Today is the time to invest and take advantage of opportunities that are rarely repeated.


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