Outdoor Sports Agency for Sale in Koh Tao, Thailand
Posted January 30, 2020 at 10:40 am by floevasion

Outdoor Sports Agency for Sale in Koh Tao, Thailand

We are settled on Koh Tao island, in Thailand. This place is renowned for its attractive landscapes and its lush underwater world, while being protected from mass tourism. More than 60 scuba diving schools have been established here for decades. However, we are the only outdoor sports agency on Koh Tao. We are the only place offering kitesurfing lessons. We offer fun-sessions and teaching of wakeboard, waterskis, kneeboard with our own speedboat. We offer tubing sessions and we are the only place in Thailand to offer Subflying sessions, an underwater board pulled by a boat. We are offering several products and services such as private speedboat rental for family & friends trips, private water sports tours and private snorkeling tour. We also offer bouldering and sport climbing trip and a rental service for climbing equipment, pushbikes, kitesurf gear and stand up paddle. Finally, we have a small indoor bouldering wall in the shop for training and we give climbing classes to kids every week.


On the East coast of the island, Koh Tao has a wild side with various hiking trails, high viewpoints and deserted beaches, while offering, on the West coast, a kitchen from all around the globe with hundreds of restaurants, a lively nightlife , many shops, hotels as well as the famous “Sairee Beach”. Evasion Koh Tao has is main office straight on that beach, just a few meters from the best restaurants and bars for a maximum of visibility. More over, the landlord of the area is currently working on the construction of a new building with many rental spaces directly on the beach in which you will  have the first choice if you want to relocate or even if you want to double your area for a bigger indoor bouldering wall or for a coffee place in it! If you want to stay at the same place, the current lease is renewable, same place, same cost, every 3 years.

We sell :  

  • Registered company with a capital of 4 Million THB, which allows 2 foreign work permits for owners/employees. 
  • Partnership available with the actual Thai shareholder (if necessary)
  • TAT licence (Tourism Authority of Thailand) – Paid until August 2020
  • Annual Insurances for outdoor sports – Pax until July 2020 
  • Boat registration in the company
  • Accounting is managed by Ozone Siam in Koh Samui 
  • 1 month assistance with the actual owners (after the selling contract signature)
  • Thai national staff for reception/bookings and boat captain
  • All shop installation (sofa, tables, television, sound bar, fridge, fans, shelves, office, etc. (Detailed list upon request)

Brief listing of goods

Bateau « speed boat » 

  • 10 people capacity
  • Yamaha 150CC engine, 2 strokes (bought new on 01/2018)
  • Regulated safety jackets
  • New painting and antifoiling (06/2019)
  • New cushions/fillings (01/2019)
  • 2 batteries
  • GPS Garmin
  • 1 anchor
  • 2 concrete mooring on Koh Tao (East Side/West Side)

Water sports equipment

  • 3 wakeboards + bindings, 5 kiteboards. 1 skimboard, waterskis, 1 tubing JOBE for 2 people + cable, 2 wakeboard cables, 6 kites and 3 bar (7m, 2*9m, 12*2m, 17m), 2 kite trainer with 2 bars (North), 7 harnesses, helmets, 8 impact jackets for water sports (all sizes), 4 stand up paddle NSP, 3 subflying board + 3 cables, many various items (High quality snorkeling equipment, Scubapro fins, GoPro accessories, Portable speaker, tools….etc.)

Hiking and push bikes 

  • 1 hiking trip run, 4 hours, 3 view points, 1 snorkeling spot, cliff jumping.
  • 5 pushbikes B-Twin + locks + helmets

Rock Climbing 

  • Unique access to a sport climbing site with more than 20 routes from 5b to 7b all bolted with titanium bolts + access to outdoor bouldering. More than 300 problems listed, on 3 main sites, world-known for outdoor bouldering. 
  • Indoor bouldering wall and training zone in the shop with 15 routes and around 400 holds to create much more. We offer climbing classes for kids and use this wall for an safe indoor practice in the « Leading Course ». 

Climbing equipment

  • Ropes, quickdraws, carabiners, belay devices, harnesses, 40 pairs of climbing shoes (brand new July 2019), chalk bag, helmets, crasphads, indoor commercial mat, Makita drill for bolting routes and many, many useful tools.

Communication/Web/Social Medias

  • 2 websites (Evasion Koh Tao and The Block only for climbing) with high linking
  • Facebook & Instagram pages ( more than 2500 followers )
  • TripAdvisor page (Go have a look!)
  • All marketing material, visual identity, promo signs, posters, photos/videos
  • Growing partnership established with villas/hotels/diving schools/adventure website/travel agency in Europe & Asia.

The expansion possibilities are huge. As we are only 3 employees in the company (2 owners, 1 thai staff at the reception), we are restricted in our schedule. If you plan to relocalize the shop in a bigger place, you could have a big indoor bouldering gym, a co-working space, a training zone, a sports beach bar and/or healthy coffee shop. Climbing is exploding all around the world and people are asking everyday for a climbing gym! You could also have a retail shop of outdoor gear such as clothing, climbing gear, snorkeling gear, shoes, etc. etc.


Thailand is a great country to do business. Be your own boss by taking over an existing business than starting a new business if you are unsure how to start a company. Business for sale in Thailand is your best choice and you can look for our business broker for assistance or business advisor to advise you further in your business needs.