Posted February 25, 2022 at 5:21 pm by HealthOfTheNationLLC

Premium dietetic supplements general dealership for Sale in Belgrade, Serbia

Our company Health of The Nation LLC is general representer and only dealer of Russian premium weight loss and health improvement products Leovit since 2015-th. In 2021 we have opened a sale point in Trade center Gallery, Belgrade Waterfront which is the best, biggest and most luxurious shopping mall in whole Balkan. This place is part of city designated for premium clients. Our offer is to sell this sale point to a new owner who will continue to conduct business as our dealer. We will continue to supply with minimum wholesale prices and you will be the only one in this region, all customers will be diverted to you. 

Purchasing options: Full takeover of the business for Balkans, Partial takeover of business, Dealership for the Belgrade capitol.

Dealership offer include:

0. Warranty for ROI in first year. Statement that we will buyout business back if dealer decide to step out of the business from any reason after first year.

1. Transfer of the contract with Trade center

2. Contract with us confirming full protection as our sole dealer

3. Sale kiosk worth 15.000 EUR

4. Well selected workers and personal – 2 + 1

5. Full marketing and infrastructure
6. Possibility to expand business further

7. Full cooperation from our side

8. Computer, printer, surveillance camera 

9. Full boxes of products (4.000 EUR worth of goods) for start

Expected monthly sale is from 15.000 EUR (February was in level of 7.000 EUR) and more, and in peak of the season when you can expect double turnovers.

Reason for sale is our expansion to another market in March.
We have no time to monitor sale in shopping mall on full time basis and open new company in another country at the same time.

For informations about the products take a look at

Direct contact with the person in charge: Lyubisha Stevanovich +381631751188 What’sApp and mobile number.


Serbia is a great country to do business. Be your own boss by taking over an existing business than starting a new business if you are unsure how to start a company. Business for Sale Serbia is your best choice and you can look for our business broker for assistance or business advisor to advise you further in you


Total Revenue
Gross Profit
Net Profit
Company Establish Year
Total no. of Employees
Reason for Letting Go
Expanding to a nearby country, we need help by selling this outlet to a person who will be our protected dealer in Belgrade, Serbia.
Physical Location Status
Condition is perfect!!! We have invested 15.000 EUR for kiosk only, 1000 EUR for electricity and x sum of money for working tools.
Rental Cost
1600 EUR
Terms for Lease
We can transfer a contract to our future dealer or partner if he decide to enter partnership. For the second option we can give terms different than in offer above.
Physical Location Details
Premium shopping mall (Sheraton hotel, Gucci, LV...), most luxurious location in Balkans, world class investment center, our sale point is in level of this description.
Relocate Business
Dealer have possibility to expand to other trade centers but considering exclusivity of this contract he will be more interested to stay at same spot.
Facilities and Equipment
Kiosk, surveillance, computer, goods for start of business in level of 4.000 EUR as our gesture of welcome
Competition Level
0 - We have exclusivity for our products in whole Balkans and EU market.
Potential for Expansion
Expansion, good planning and investment from both sides is welcome. We would like to have open minded, grateful and respectful partner as this business is blessed opportunity.
Seller Funding Available