Profitable Shop on Etsy for Sale in Bulgaria
Posted October 1, 2019 at 4:53 pm by mladenova_etsy

Profitable Shop on Etsy for Sale in Bulgaria

This listing is for a family based business on the Etsy platform. The shop was established in 2016 and since then the business is increasing in sale and profit. The shop offers personalised wooden wedding save the dates, invitations, favours, wooden gifts and more – all created by a CO2 laser engraving machine.

Let us talk more about the business! All personalized wooden save the dates and invitations stand the test of time! We are all aware that there will be always weddings and the needs for personalized save the dates and invitations will increase! Our online sales have been growing every year and we are proud of our quality products, which is well known to our customers and the 5 stars reviews prove it!

The shop has very low overhead and can be operated from a home base if needed.

Currently we have no employee.

No need to be creative as we have already designed the items and can train you on how to personalize existing designs.

The business is 100% relocatable and can be operated from anywhere.

Strong growth and expansion capabilities.


Total Revenue
20000 USD / year
Gross Profit
20000 USD/year
Net Profit
16000 USD/year
Company Establish Year
Total no. of Employees
Not Disclosed
Reason for Letting Go
Reasons to sell: 1) The business became too big to be managed by our small family (although we though that this moment will never happen) and the increase of the work leads to the necessity to hire employees which we do not want to hire. 2) We have focused on other challenges.
Physical Location Status
Relocate Business
Facilities and Equipment
Competition Level
on local market
Potential for Expansion
Growth & Expansion 1) The shop has very big potential for a strong growth if advertising campaigns are implemented (in Facebook, Google Ads and other platforms), as well as opening a separate web site on a dedicated URL/web address and on other platforms (like Amazon, Aliexpress and etc.). 2) Sales and profit can increase also by increasing the diversity of the offered products – making new designs and creating new items from different materials and their combination - like plywood, plexiglass and such. 3) The location of the shop is in Europe and since most of our customers are in the US (around 90 %) and want faster delivery (3-5 business days), if the location is moved to the US and offered faster local delivery for sure this will boost the sales. A lot of US customers favour our products, but are reluctant to buy since our delivery times are a little bit longer for their taste. Also the lack of Custom and Border`s procedure will not only lower the delivery time, but also will make the items more attractive due to no extra expenses for the Custom\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s duty and taxes. Also the cheaper local delivery will decrease the expenses for the shipment and this will reflect to higher profit, since we pay higher shipment cost. And if free US delivery is offered – this for sure will sky rocked the sales.
Seller Funding Available