Recycling The Future Factory Business for Sale in Turkey
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Posted January 10, 2020 at 6:09 pm by B2B KAUCUK

Recycling The Future Factory Business for Sale in Turkey

B2B Rubber and Park Flooring Co. have got the unique advantage of its production process by providing 0 (ZERO)WASTE. Because B2B Rubber and Park Flooring an environment-friendly company and gets old tires (end of life tires) and make them granulated and turned them to final products and some of the chemical produced by itself.We produce 90% raw material of our own production.We get old tires (end of life tires) and start to make them granulated and turned them to final products as Rubber Flooring Products  used at (stadiums, children playgrounds, school gardens and backyards,, outdoor sport areas, indoor sport areas, buildings, parking areas, garages, rehabilitation centres, racetracks, walking ways, basketball court, tennis courts and shooting ranges)

Rubber products have high demand in local and international markets

  1. Market Value of the Company: 5.400.000,00Usd
  2. Company Turnover: 2.125.000,00Usd Annually
  3. Net Profit:540.000,00 Usd Annually – 45.000,00Usd Monthly
  4. Value of Machinery Line: 500. 000,00Usd
  5. ROI (Return on Investment): 4,5 Years
  6. Requested Share Partnerships and Amounts:                                           

         A)%50 Share for 2.333.000,00Usd

        B)%75 Share for 2.750.000,00Usd                                                                                   

       C)%90 Share for 3.000.000,00Usd

%45 profit at the time of making an investment , by buying company share at half value [Company Market Value:5,4Million, Selling Price 3 MillionUSd]

Fast ROI: 4,5 Years

Manufacturer and Exporter Business

Exporting to 25 Countries and 3 Continents

Investors will be having Turkish Citizenship

Investors will be having the ID of Industrialist Businessman in Turkey

More than +350 Local and Global  Customers

Company Fixtures

  1. Total Area: 8500Sqm
  2. Closed Area of The Production: 5500Sqm
  3. Open Area of The Storage: 3000Sqm
  4. Machinery Line :
  • 2Pc(s) Shredder
  • 1Pc(s)Main Shredder
  • 1Pc(s)Hooper
  • 3Pc(s)Granulator
  • 2Pc(s)Sieve
  • 4Pc(s)Rubber Tile Production Machine
  • 5Pc(s)Granula Mixer
  • 7Pc(s)Mould of Rubber Tile
  • 1Pc(s)Chemical Reactor

B2B Logo Factory1 outside Factory1 inside Factory2 inside Factory2 inside Factory2 insideLocal and International Certified (ISO 9001,ISO14001,OHSAS18001 and Local Quality Certifcates)

Turkey is a great country to do business. Be your own boss by taking over an existing business than starting a new business if you are unsure how to start a company. Business for sale in Turkey is your best choice and you can look for our business broker for assistance or business advisor to advise you further in your business needs.


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