tech transportation business
Posted February 13, 2018 at 2:32 pm by mel9534

Highly profitable and reputable tech transportation business

This is a genuine offer, I’m letting go one of my babies as I’m spreading myself too thin. Currently running 3 ventures simultaneously. (1 of my ventures is going to enter into the China market, and another venture of mine is in 30 over stores in Singapore) This started as a side-hustle for me 10 months ago. Sales keep on increasing month over month. Felt that I have some time to spare, turn it into an actual business.

This business is a transportation business, we sell electric scooters to the market. Currently we have consignment deals with 2 other businesses. (We supply other stores with electric scooters) People in Singapore use electric scooter for going to work, hobby, short distance travel, delivery food, leisure riding. This mode of transport is not going anywhere, counter-intuitively, our sales increased with the regulations in place. (Due to selling compliant products). When there is regulations that are coming out, its a tell-tale sign that the market is so early. Our government sees this as a serious mode of transport, cars are expensive, and it will not get any cheaper.

Our business provide sales of e-scooter, repairs services, accessories and more. So for example, you sell 1 scooter, customer will buy accessories for sure. The margin for an overall sale is between 33%-45%

The business sell branded electric scooters, we have a reputation of selling only quality products, due to all these reasons, the business currently has 100% positive feedbacks, 0 negative feedbacks.

We have exclusive rights to certain products, which makes it easy for the buyer as you will not have other people selling the same product.

Our website has a daily visit of around 40-100 visitors per day (Attached the analytics in the listing images)

Just this month alone we have around north of 60,000 post engagements on our facebook page (Attached the report in the listing)

There are a few product roadmaps that are in the works right now, there will be another star product that we will be launching, it will boost the sales rapidly.

Business has an actual shopfront, a website, facebook page (100% positive feedbacks), instagram page (targeted loyal followers), carousell page(0 following, 1k followers, 100% positive feedbacks)

You’re able to run this business remotely, as long as you have 1-2 manpower (interns) at the shopfront, I can advise you on the tasks that you can delegate and the tasks that you have to hands-on.

If you look into our numbers, this is a business where you can scale rapidly anytime when you are ready. Our business is already profitable from day 1.

There is a few ways that we can structure the takeover, there is an option for you to takeover the biggest electric scooter showroom in Singapore, we can discuss on this.

Owner will be leaving Singapore by Mid May. Only for serious buyers, we are not looking to review offers that take too long to close. Do hit me up ASAP for takeovers.


– The business just hit 20k monthly revenue as of this month (January).

– February update – Our sales crossed 20k revenue!

– UPDATE 13 Feb – We have sold quite a few sets the past 2 weeks, kindly note that the listing price is INCLUSIVE of the inventory value, we will adjust the listing price according to our inventory value as well

– UPDATE 8 March, we sold out completely, valuation will include the incoming inventory (~15k)

Total revenue as of April: 210k~


Total Revenue
Gross Profit
Net Profit
Company Establish Year
Total no. of Employees
Reason for Letting Go
Have existing ventures / commitments
Physical Location Status
Rental Cost
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Terms for Lease
10 months left
Physical Location Details
220 sq ft
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Potential for Expansion
Huge potential
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