Posted June 1, 2020 at 3:13 pm by Hubert Janszen

Restaurant / Lounge And Karaoke Bar For Sale in Baku, Azerbaijan

The property has

7 private rooms of various sizes (from 10 to 20 people) with Dolby surrounds systems and video projectors. Each room has independent air conditioning system. Fully insulated. Each room is fitted with a bell to call the waiter for ordering food or drinks. This translates that the guests don’t have to leave the room and have completely privacy as the waiter won’t come in the room without being called.

1 big room (not private) with a seating capacity of 24 people. Independent air conditioning system. Dolby surround system with video projector.

I fully equipped kitchen (gas) (please note that most restaurants in Baku have electrical cookers) with wash bay and toilets

1 fully equipped bar

1 office

2 bathrooms (men and ladies)

The property is available at the following possible conditions:

Contract terms of 5 years not cancellable. After 5 years of lease the furniture and accessories are belonging to lessee.

1. Monthly fixed rent of 5,883 USD for 60 months

2. First year payment of 135,295 USD followed by a payment of 94,118 USD (with a bank guarantee). First payment to be made within 7 working days from the date of contract. The second payment has to be made at the anniversary of the lease agreement.

3. Purchase of the property at 823,530 USD

4. Purchase of the property at 647,059 USD after 1 year or before if the payments at point 2 have been fulfilled

5. After each subsequent year the selling price will increase as per following scheme
2nd year 705,883 USD
3rd year 764,706 USD
4th year 823,530 USD
5th year 823,530 USD

Should the lessee wishes to book the option of this property he should provide a deposit not refundable of 4,706 USD. This will guarantee the lessee that the property will not either be sold or leased for 45 days from the day the payment has been received in the bank.

All payments have to be made via bank transfer.

The above prices do not include utilities costs, municipal costs and any costs that are associated to operate the property.

If interested, please contact at [email protected] or call me at +994502297013



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