Posted July 5, 2017 at 10:30 pm by Goyage

Ride Hailing App For Sale


We are from Goyage Team Singapore. We are seeking for interested parties to purchase our business mobile app which is now at the stage of start-up and ready to launch.

Goyage is a ride-hailing company that provides a modern technology of booking a ride from various location. This app will connect both rider and driver from their nearby destination.

The app provides three option to Rider for their preferred route before any booking of a ride. The options indicate travel distance, travel ETA time, travel cost. These features are excellent as we review and improved the current ride-hailing app that available in the market.

You may add the various feature of service to Rider with futuristic design. There are payment options available Card, Cash and EZ-link(R&D).

The app also provides call and chat to his or her allocated driver. Those calls and messages feature is set by the Internet provider to reduce billing cost to riders and drivers.

Demand in transportation is high in any part of the world. By having the modern app will improve the modern world needs. Let the technology does it negotiating on the travelling price.

Price will suit the demand of the ride requested, this will have more transparency in paying a trip. The fare is calculated base on Per Km, Per Min, Per Request. You may set the fare upon purchasing this app.

Annual revenue depends on how you are able to market your service to the Rider and reach to the numbers of users. There are a few companies that can prove to you that this business has the huge revenue.

Low cost of overhead, all communication can be done via online.

Those interested may contact us via email at [email protected]

Thank You

Goyage Team Singapore