food Sales and Discount Markets
Posted April 23, 2018 at 9:41 am by Leo

We are looking for investors for Wholesale Food Sales and Discount Markets to be opened in Singapore.

Our aim: to sell affordable products in Singapore and Maldives markets in a different concept discount format. Our target is from May 2018 to August 2018; to open five supermarkets and a distribution depot. Unlike other local supermarkets, 60% of our products will be Turkish and German origin products. As a ready unit; Salad – Appetizer – Delicatessen – Butcher (Self Service), non-food products- to sell approximately 1.800-2.000 items consisting of all food items.

Our stores will operate on a 24-hour basis. It will be handled with about 12 staff/per store. The size of each store will be between 200 and 300 square meters. As we mentioned at the beginning, the goal is to launch five stores now and in the future spread over 60 locations all over Singapore.

Our goal is to reach 200 stores in different formats (discount – cash & carry, jet / express) until 2023.

We will continue our wholesale sale in Malaysia, which is still available in this frame: with our wholesale in Maldive, 15 stores will be opened.

Over time, in some stores; mini-oven, small corner, small snacks will be added.

A very rigorous and precise plan and a rigorous program have been implemented for this project to take place. Both our Istanbul and Singapore’s procurement team will provide support through joint efforts.

Between our terms; the investor will not be able to leave the partnership for a minimum of 2 years. The periodic share of profit will be given every 4 months and will be presented to the parties three times in the year. Because all work is online, the investor has the right to check the business process at any time, if necessary.

If the investor wants to work as a salaried employee in the company in Singapore, he can be in charge. He can also work in the Istanbul office.

Besides, the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Turkey will seriously support. When five and over container exports, it also offers the advantage of using incentives.

Important note;

Store planning, profit margins, and workflow only will be shared with the necessary and relevant candidates.

If you want to get more information about this subject, you can reach us by sending a message to [email protected] or to WhatsApp +905511671755. Return will be made as soon as possibl