Business Opportunities: IT Business for Sale
August 9, 2019 by Easy Buy Sell Business in Blog

Business Opportunities: IT Business for Sale

Business Opportunities: IT Business for Sale – Buying an IT Company

Despite being a popular tourist destination, Singapore also offers foreigners an extremely business-friendly environment. Noted as among the best-value city for foreign businesses, it offers investors everything that is conducive to starting and running a new business. Some of these are strong IT business, forex market, free-market economy, financial stability, and robust legal & regulatory framework. Additionally, it also acquires an advanced and efficient infrastructure, a corruption-free system, strategic geographical advantages, and skilled manpower. Thus, making it a very attractive investment hub.

Many globally-renowned IT firms have already set up businesses in Singapore owing to the growing potential and skilled labor available in this arena. However, before embarking on setting up your business, it would be best to research and analyze your market to determine what IT services are available in your community. Doing this, you will then have to draft a business plan. Include in there information about your credentials, experience and how your services will fill a need in the market.

Things to Consider

Things to Consider Before Setting Up a Business in Singapore


When planning to buy over an existing IT business, you will need significant funding. That allows to acquire other additional hardware or for development costs.

Some factors to consider before purchasing an existing one are:

  • For one, you must take into account the liabilities that the company has. Professionals such as accountants, tax advisers, valuers, and lawyers can help ensure that you are paying a fair amount for the business. This is important as inaccurate financial reporting would present the company a different light and result in bad decision making.
  • You must also remember that purchasing a company can be a huge investment. And the last thing is to buy a company with all its obligations and liabilities on a mere handshake.
  • You must ensure you put the terms down in an agreement. Thus, it would encourage the parties to take their promises seriously and fulfill their respective obligations.

To operate a legitimate IT business, one must also ensure that it has all necessary licenses and permits. Some licenses may have been registered under the names of the previous owners. And in such cases, the buyer should confirm if he can successfully reapply for those licenses under his own name.

There are numerous resources available in Singapore where prospective company owners can source for businesses which are up for sale, including IT businesses for sale. One such prominent website is where numerous business owners advertise their businesses for sale. It would be best to seek the guidance and assistance of professionals before embarking on your quest to become a successful IT business owner in Singapore.

If you are interested in IT business for sale in Singapore, read more from a local corporate service provider in Singapore who can assist you along the way.