How to Buy or Sell a Restaurant in Singapore
April 19, 2017 by Easy Buy Sell Business in Blog

How to Buy or Sell a Restaurant in Singapore

How to Buy or Sell a Restaurant in Singapore

Restaurant owners don’t always keep their restaurants forever and end up selling them. The sale of a restaurant could be due to several reasons, perhaps a change of circumstances, perhaps the restaurant isn’t doing as well as they expected, discovering that running a restaurant is maybe not where their passion lies, or wanting to move on to a bigger and better restaurant perhaps.

Whatever the reason may be, the buying and selling of restaurants in Singapore is not an uncommon thing. Restaurants are bought and sold and have undergone management changes, but that doesn’t necessarily always mean that the restaurant is doing badly.

The buying and selling of a restaurant involves a lot of work, for both the buyer and the seller. Before a restaurant is sold, the seller would need to start preparation at least six months beforehand or earlier if possible. Restaurants are big purchases that cost a lot of capital and they’re not always sold immediately sometimes it could be months before a suitable buyer is discovered.

Tips on how to buy or sell a restaurant in Singapore.

The third step is to set a realising asking price. Before a seller lists a restaurant for sale, get the restaurant evaluated to avoid overpricing or under-pricing the business. Enlist the help of a professional for a fair evaluation. Buyers are more likely to pick up on a sale if they feel that it is fairly priced and they’re getting a good deal out of it.

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