How to Find a Great Business Broker for a Successful Business Sale
August 5, 2019 by Easy Buy Sell Business in Blog

How to Find a Great Business Broker for a Successful Business Sale

You Need an Experienced, Trustworthy, and Great Business Broker for a Successful Business Sale

Your business broker is going to be your best friend. If you’re thinking about selling your business that is. While they usually engage with both the seller and the prospective buyer, it is the seller who hires the broker to do the job well.

The broker and the seller will be working on all aspects of the business dealings most of the time. And that is why you need a broker who is experienced, trustworthy and great in this job.


What Your Business Broker Will Do for You

It’s the job of the business broker to streamline the whole process of selling your business. This includes everything from pricing the business, narrowing your search, finding the right buyers and marketing it to the buyers.

Your business broker is going to be a temporary extension of your business. They are the ones who will be on the frontlines communicating and marketing your business for sale. The successful sale of the business, to put in simply, is in their hands.


What a Great Business Broker Should Be

What a Great Business Broker Should Be

It would be someone who:

  • Communicates. A good business broker actively communicates transparently before and during the process of the sale, but a GREAT business broker communicates and keeps in touch long after the sale is over to see how everything is going because they are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction. A great broker will go the extra mile and make the effort to initiate communication even before you have to ask.


  • Has Good Web Presence. The broker’s website should be easy to use and full of vital information. So you can get to know about the broker beforehand. A great broker understands that the website is the first impression his or her clients are going to get. And therefore, will go to great lengths to ensure the website is up to date, looks great, packed with the necessary information and contain no broken links, making it a pleasant navigating experience for the clients.


  • Knows the Industry. The best business broker you can hire would be already involved in the industry. It means they know what it will take, what & how much work needs to be done, and who the target buyers are.


  • Is Qualified. A great business broker would have all the proper qualifications and certifications. Also, they should have several years of work experience and successful sales under their belt.


  • Has a Good Track Record. A great broker would have a track record that can be accessed by potential clients because he or she is confident and good at what they do. A good track record includes experience and sales records and great reviews written by current and past clients who have dealt with the broker before because a great broker knows it is important for clients to be fully informed.

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