Starting a Massage Establishment Business in Singapore

Starting a Massage Establishment Business in Singapore

If you have information about massage establishment business and you know how to give a massage then start your own massage establishment business. It is not much difficult that you are thinking it will. If you have any plan to start a massage establishment business then, first of all, you need to apply for the massage establishment licence from the Police licensing department of the area which you selected to start your massage establishment business. The licence is necessary to start your massage establishment business according to the Massage Establishment Act. If you are planning to start you message establishment business in Singapore then it will be a great idea.


Financial Planning

You should have your financial planning in your mind because it is the most important thing for a businessman. You have to plan for every single penny you will spend on your business. You also have to think that after starting the business what will be the rates of massage.



If you want to start your new massage establishment business in Singapore you need to have an establishment licence. To apply for an establishment license must fulfil the following points.

  • The applicant who is applying for establishment licence must be of age 21.
  • If you want to start a massage establishment business, you should be responsible.
  • The owner should have fit and proper person to hold the license.
  • If the applicant is a foreigner, he must hold a valid relevant work pass.


Types of Establishment

If you are opening massage establishment then you should know about types of establishment. Every establishment has its own timings. There are some categories of the establishment which are the following:

  • Category 1/1 (P) massage establishment: The timing allowed for this establishment is  from 7 a.m to 10:30 pm
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Category 2/2 (P) massage establishment:  This establishment’s allowed timing is from 10 a.m to 10:30 pm.

Exempted massage establishment: This establishment is for those establishments in which massage is administered in full view of the public.

More Information

Take a look at the location on which you are thinking to start your business. Because when you will apply for registration of the location law and order considerations are first checked according to the location before approving the application. Application of license must ensure eligibility of the location of your business and it should be approved by the Massage Establishment Act. Otherwise, you will not be allowed to invest your money for the license to be approved.

This was the information for you if you are planning to start a new massage establishment business in Singapore. Singapore is a great country to business and the choice of massage establishment business is also a good and profitable business. You may have now got some help from the article according to your business. If you want more information please let us know. You can mail us at the given email address. If you want every update according to massage establishment business in Singapore stay tuned with us.

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