Starting a Spa Business in Singapore
April 6, 2017 by Easy Buy Sell Business in Blog

Starting a Spa Business in Singapore

Starting a Spa Business in Singapore

The spa business in Singapore has increased incredibly over the past few years and currently is a booming industry that is opening plenty of potential and opportunity within the Singapore markets. The spa business is an important part of the Singapore health and wellness sector which now not only caters to women, but men as well whose numbers have steadily increased over the years.


The licenses needed to set up a spa business in Singapore

Much like every other business in Singapore, operating a spa establishment requires the necessary licences and permit approvals before the business can legally run. To open a spa business in Singapore, investors would need to apply for the Massage Establishment License.

Establishments planning to offer spa services and massages would need this license. This license comes in two categories, Category 1 and Category 2.

The Category 1 license offers business owners more liberal conditions when it comes to running the business. Liberal conditions here are, for example, unrestricted operating hours, the spa is able to admit customers of any age with no restrictions and limitations. Category 1 business operators are also able to employ foreigners to work as masseurs and massage therapists.

Because of the flexibility it offers, Category 1 is often the more popular choice for business owners. There are however, certain establishments that are exempted for applying for Category 1 licenses, so investors would need to check if their establishment is applicable for Category 1 before submitting an application.


What is needed to apply for the Massage Establishment License

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