Starting a Telecommunications Business in Singapore
September 5, 2019 by Easy Buy Sell Business in Blog

Starting a Telecommunications Business in Singapore

Everything You Need to Know About Starting a Telecommunications Business in Singapore

Everything You Need to Know About Starting a Telecommunications Business in SingaporeThe telecommunications sector right now is growing, both in terms of business and need in Singapore. Be it with good telephone service or a high bandwidth internet; people are always for a more convenient way to communicate to the world. And if you have the proper ideas, you could be making really good figures running a telecommunications business in Singapore. To open this business in the country, you have to do the following things.


Decide On What You Are Going To Provide

Your business could be providing people with services like telephones, internet, mobile networks, and data hosting services or satellite services. First, you should decide on the type of service(s) your business will be giving to the people.


Register Your Business

Then, register your business with the ACRA. While doing that, you should also point out the type of your business. Meaning that it could be a sole proprietorship, a private company, or a business run in partnership.


Registering Your Business in Singapore

There are many rules applied while you are registering your business in Singapore.  First is the name of your business organization. Make sure the name of your business shouldn’t be the same as any existing company in Singapore. Next, it can’t infringe with any trademarks, and of course, the name shouldn’t be irrelevant. Besides, you will also need documents showing the necessary information. Above all, if everything goes right, the company registration process can finish in a day.

Similarly, if you are a foreign investor, you could also consider getting the help of a local agent in this process.

Registering Your Business in Singapore


Legality and Licenses

After that, you should be making sure that your business complies entirely with the law. As for the telecommunications business, there are various types of licenses you will need to acquire as per the service you are providing.

Anyway, here are the required licenses you should be having from the IDA according to the services you are going to provide. If your business is going to offer more than one service, you will have to gain more than one licenses.


Fixed Line (Telephone)

  • Facilities-Based Operator (FBO) License.
  • License For In-Building Terrestrial. Telecommunications Systems.
  • Satellite Downlink License.
  • Services Based Operator (SBO Class) License.
  • SBO Individual License.



  • License For In-Building Terrestrial Telecommunications Systems.
  • SBO Individual License.


Mobile Network or Radio Service

  • FBO License.
  • Mobile Network License.


Satellite Services

  • One is Satellite Communication Station License.
  • Next is Satellite Uplink/Downlink License for Broadcasting Purpose.
  • Then, Satellite Downlink License.


Web Hosting Services

  • SBO Class License.
  • SBO Individual License.
  • Satellite Downlink License.

Well, if you want to provide more services, you should be getting additional licenses for that. The process is not so hard; for some, it could be complicated. So, you could hire a lawyer to help you with the papers.

Finally, after registering your company and meeting all the requirements in terms of legality and licenses, you are good to go. I hope this helped you.