Why Buy Business in Cambodia?
July 15, 2019 by Easy Buy Sell Business in Blog

Why Buy Business in Cambodia?

Cambodia has emerged as an excellent place to buy or start a new business. Read on to know the major reasons for that:

1. Low cost and young workforce in abundance
Cambodia is a low-wage country with about 50 USD every month on an average. Moreover, it boasts a motivated and trainable workforce, which is definitely a big asset in the increasingly competitive global economy today.

2. Extremely competitive investment perks
The announcement of Cambodia’s new investment laws signifies that the country now has some of the finest business incentives in Southeast Asia. Thus, the kingdom boasts an outward-looking economy and a lucrative place to buy a business. Check out some of the key highlights of this new law.

  • Land lease for up to seventy years
  • Lack of discrimination between local and foreign investors
  • No price controls and nationalization
  • Free profit repatriation
  • Tax on dividends cannot be withheld
  • Loss can be carried forward for up to five years
  • Tax holidays for a maximum period of 8 years
  • Only 9 percent income/corporate tax