Why Buy Business in Indonesia?
July 15, 2019 by Easy Buy Sell Business in Blog

Why Buy Business in Indonesia?

If you are wondering why to buy a business in Indonesia, here are some solid reasons for you to do so:

1. Growing GDP year-by-year
The GDP of Indonesia is growing at a yearly rate of 6 percent. Plus, it is world’s fourth populous nation. As such, the per capita purchasing power and income of Indonesia are also on an upward curve. It is little wonder then why the local residents of the country are crazy for international products, services, and brands and are not averse to spending their money on quality items

2. Low cost of living
The cost of living in Indonesia is very low as compared to many western nations including wages, rents, transport cost, utilities, and food items among others.

3. Diversification of industries
Although the Indonesian government was more focused towards accepting foreign investments only in the manufacturing sector historically, their scope has expanded now to the vast service sector of the country creating more opportunities.