Why Buy Business in Laos?
July 15, 2019 by Easy Buy Sell Business in Blog

Why Buy Business in Laos?

There are various advantages of buying a new business in Laos. All of them simplify the process of doing business in the country. Following are some of the top reasons for investing in Laos:

1. Competitive merits

  • Stable financial and socio-economic country
  • Low crime rate/high security
  • One of the region’s most politically stable nations
  • 42 nations have been awarded the nation GSP Privileges
  • Low wage costs in comparison to its neighboring nations
  • Open regulations and laws for fostering favorable investment and business environments

2. Comparative merits

  • Almost no incidents of natural disaster
  • Numerous tourism development sites
  • Fertile agricultural land in abundance
  • Abundant and unexploited natural resources

3. Collaborations with international and regional arena

  • Laos enjoys investment treaties with 27 nations
  • NTR (Normal Trade Relations) with the United States of America
  • GSP (General Special Preferences) privilege with as many as 42 nations
  • Members of various international organizations