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Abigail Yu

Abigail Yu
Director of 3E Accounting Group

51 Goldhill Plaza #07-10/11
Singapore 308900
Phone: +65 6690 9266
Email: [email protected]

Abigail Yu oversees executive leadership, led the operations and strategic directions for the whole 3E Accounting Group, including the IT Solution, public relations and digital marketing functions of the company to drive the overall competitiveness and success of business.

She graduated from National University of Singapore with a honours degree in Communication and New Media, and she was extensively trained and well-versed in business communication matters. Areas of specialisation includes crisis management, financial communication and communication management.

Audaciously ambitious, Abigail has successfully positioned 3E Accounting as the first robotics accounting firm in Asia-Pacific that is driven by Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), branded 3E Accounting as pioneer in spanning robotic business automation (RPA) in the accounting industry and a swift-adapter amidst evolving challenges in COVID-19. These reinforced 3E’s vision as the world’s leading service provider for staying ahead of major market developments and of other competitors.

Moving forward, Abigail will continue developing new strategies to enhance the current positioning of 3E and alleviate its standing for 3E to constantly stay ahead of the game as a market leader in the accounting field.

3E Accounting Group was founded by Lawrence Chai who is Chartered Accountant with regional experience in the field of corporate services, taxation services, GST services, auditing services, financial due diligence, business and technology advisory, and the digital economy. Today, the Group is the largest home-grown global accounting network with a presence in more than 80 countries. Our comprehensive range of advisory services cover the following:

• Accelerator program advisory
• Business valuation advisory
• Corporate tax advisory
• Co-working space advisory
• Crisis management advisory
• Digital business transformation
• Digital marketing advisory

• Financial due diligence
• Grant application advisory
• Merger & acquisition advisory
• Outsourcing centre advisory
• Project management
• IT & software development
• Talent management