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Business For Sale Antarctica

Things to Know About the Business for Takeover Antarctica

Antarctica is a continent which is located on the southernmost side of our planet. In terms of size, its area is nearly double that of Australia. Even though minerals and natural resources like coal, gold, copper, platinum, etc. are known to be present in Antarctica, they cannot be extracted as there is a ban on mining activities there.

Apart from a little bit of tourism and some small amount of fishing, there is practically not much economic activity taking place on the continent. Research of a scientific nature keeps taking place there even though extreme climatic conditions pose a significant number of hazards.

The mining and energy industries have great potential in Antarctica. The continent is believed to be abundant in energy sources like coal and oil, but as per the regulations, no mining is possible till 2048. Hence, there is a very little scope of doing business in Antarctica.

Even if mining were carried out, the cost of transporting the minerals over long distances would be very high. Not only that, for mining, the icebergs would have to be damaged, which could impact the environment adversely apart from the involvement of significant expenditure. There is also the danger of accidents on account of the presence of rocks under water.

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