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Business For Sale Belize

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Belize is a sovereign nation situated on the northeastern coastline of Central America. Located south of the Yucatan peninsula, its topography is mountainous and tropical jungle. Mexico borders it to the north, Guatemala to the west and south, and the Caribbean Sea to the east. Following the ravaging of it, former capital Belize City and new capital Belmopan were constructed inland which remain the commercial hub of the island.

The majority of the Belize population is mixed ancestry, many of whom are descendants of immigrants. The largest of the group is mixed Mayan and Spanish ancestry (mestizos) (approximately one-half of the population). The English-speaking population is largely African and British heritage, also known as Creole. The population is estimated to be approximately 320, 000 inhabitants.

In the past, much of Belize’s economy was mainly commercial logging and the export of timber. However, the wanton destruction of forest and price fluctuations led to an open economy of non-traditional agricultural products and manufacturing activities. Today, doing business in Belize is pegged on tourism partly due to the increase in cruise ship arrivals. The hospitality industry owing to the booming of tourism has been on the rise. Like its Caribbean compatriots, Belize still struggles with trade deficits and foreign debts as well as inadequately skilled labors and technical personnel. Doing business in Belize continues to experience some levels of improvement owing to the monetary and fiscal policy reforms.

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