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Business For Sale Cape Verde

Things to Know About the Business for Takeover Cape Verde

Cape Verde might not be a name that many have heard, but for those who have, they praise the country. It is an island nation in the Atlantic Ocean in Africa. Despite being small and having minimal natural resources, Cape Verde has developed a lot.

The total area of Cape Verde is 4,033 square kilometers. Also, according to the data from the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, the country is home to approximately 539,560 people. The nominal GDP is a little more than two billion dollars, which is impressive for a state of its size. Additionally, Cape Verde is one of the most democratic nations in Africa and the world (Ranked 26th in 2018 democracy Index). Studies show that Cape Verde provides one of the most freedom as a country.

Well, doing business in Cape Verde means opening doors to a highly unexplored region where you could find endless opportunities. The government has been bringing various incentives and reforming several rules to attract more foreign investment in the sectors of service, light manufacturing, tourism, and fisheries. Also, the workforce is not so expensive. Moreover, the Cape Verdes education system is the second-best in Africa.

Anyway, the country is not exactly a haven for every investor. You will have to struggle through some challenges, for example, lack of resources and isolation from many countries. Also, most the population doesn’t speak English (Portuguese and Cape Verdean Creole is prevalent), so it might take you some time to become used with the culture.

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