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Business For Sale Djibouti

Things to Know About the Business for Takeover Djibouti

Djibouti is a nation located on the northeast coast of the Horn of Africa. It lies on the Bab el Mandeb Strait – the major separation between the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea. Such a location gives it humongous strategic importance, and this is always good news for investors interested in doing business in Djibouti. It is a major gateway to the Swizz Canal which has some of the busiest shipping routes in the entire planet. The port is the backbone of the country’s economy and the biggest income earner and employment to a country that would have been otherwise barren.

Though the country is relatively small, its strategic location and relative stability have made it a strategic location for various military powers such as France, United States, China, and Japan who all have bases in the country for strategic military reasons.

As a business destination, Djibouti appeals most to investors interested in doing the export and transport and logistics industry. Given that it is the only route to the sea for its landlocked neighbor, Ethiopia, there are lots of opportunities in these sectors as traders aim to use the port to access Ethiopia and the rest of Africa.

Politically, the country has enjoyed relative peace, though there have been frosty relations with Ethiopia, major conflicts have always been avoided. And further peace has been ensured, thanks to the foreign military bases in the country. This has been instrumental in attracting more investors and creating more opportunities in the land.

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