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Business For Sale Ecuador

Things to Know About the Business for Takeover Ecuador

Ecuador is a tiny South American country tucked between Peru and Colombia, and despite its size, it has more to offer in terms of agriculture and business opportunities compared to its heavyweight neighbors. The country is divided into three different regions – Oriente, Sierra, and Costa. The Oriente is the tropical lowlands which feature some parts of the Amazon where you will find incredible species of plants and wildlife.

The Sierra is the mountainous center which features the snow-capped Andean Peaks, vibrant local markets and the colonial towns. And the Costa is where you find the hot and dry regions, as well as the sandy beaches and the ever-lively Afro-Ecuadorian towns. The business environment in the country is great, with lots of activities taking place in industries such as tourism, trade, agriculture, manufacturing, and services. As such, it is a potent attraction for investors keen on doing business in Ecuador.

According to the World Bank, Ecuador has maintained a GDP of approximately USD 103B over the last five years. Unlike most countries in South America, the unemployment rates in Ecuador are relatively low, standing at just 5.4%. The country has increasing middle-class citizenship and this has, in turn, increased the growth in the GDP per capita which currently stands at USD$6, 432. This simply means that more families have higher levels of disposable income, giving room for them to indulge in the luxury goods and services markets. This should be good news for any investors keen on getting the market share of the expanding Latin American markets by doing business in Ecuador.

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