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Business For Sale Netherlands Antilles

Things to Know About the Business for Takeover Netherlands Antilles

Netherlands Antilles, which is situated in the Caribbean Sea, is a country made up of many islands. The economy is developing steadily, with tourism being one of the leading sectors here. The state also receives a lot of aid from the Dutch government.

Netherlands Antilles imports many of its consumer goods from other nations. Over the years, the country has adopted an attitude that is very investor-friendly and simplified the processes like that of setting up a new company.

One of the advantages of doing business in Netherlands Antilles is its well-developed infrastructure, which is better than other neighboring areas. There also is the benefit of the increased purchasing power of the residents, which is an attraction for investors here. Industries like petroleum refinement and finance are good options for potential investors to make profits.

Trading is also a growing sector as the country imports a majority of the goods. The government offers a reduced tax rate for oil companies, and there are free zones with meager tax rates of 2%.

Hurdles for setting up a business in the Netherlands Antilles include the lack of proper water supply facilities. The soil here is also not favorable for agriculture, and that is a disadvantage. There isn’t a lot of natural resources here.

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