Business Grants in Hong Kong

Government Support Available in Hong Kong

To help SMEs in Hong Kong, the government has put in place several initiatives. If you’re thinking about starting a business in Hong Kong, here is a list of government grants and support schemes available:

  • SME Loan Guarantee Scheme
  • Microfinance Scheme
  • SME Financing Guarantee Scheme
  • SME Export Marketing Fund
  • BUD Fund – Enterprise Support Programme
  • Technology Voucher Programme
  • Retail Technology Adoption Assistance Scheme for Manpower Demand Management
  • Innovation and Technology Fund: General Support Programme
  • The Patent Application Grant
  • Innovation and Technology Fund: University-Industry Collaboration Programme
  • Innovation and Technology Fund: Research and Development Cash Rebate Scheme
  • Film Development Fund
  • Cleaner Production Partnership Programme
  • Recycling Fund (Enterprise Support Programme)
  • Recycling Fund (Small-scale Standard Projects)

Since April 2020, a Special 100% Loan Guarantee Scheme was introduced for the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong. It falls under the SME Financing Guarantee Scheme and is applicable to all sectors.