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A Corporate Secretary Is One Of The Most Important Roles In Your Company

Business Secretarial In a business, there are several roles within the organisation that are deemed crucial to the efficiency and effectiveness of the company. A Corporate Secretary is one of those roles.


Professional Corporate Secretarial Services

Do you know that there are professional corporate secretarial specialists who can provide the company secretary for your company? Using the services of professional corporate experts allows business owners to focus on growing your business.



What Is a Corporate Secretary?

Business Secretarial A Corporate Secretary has a very important role to play within a company due to its responsibility to monitor the administrative operations of the business. Within the organisation, a company secretary has come to be considered a “chief governance specialist.” Yes, that is how important their role has become. The individual that you hire as your company secretary should come with the necessary skills to perform in the role.


Who Can Be Your Company Secretary

The individual that is hired for the role should possess the following qualities:

  • Excellent organisational skills
  • Pays attention to details
  • First-Grade communication skills
  • Honest and reliable

The person appointed to this role must be an upstanding individual who acts with diligence and care. They must not abuse their position or power for any reason. They must be an individual who acts in good faith and always ensure that they abide by the rules.

The company secretary or corporate secretary will be appointed by the Company Director. The suitable individual is someone who is proactive since they will be acting as your company’s main liaison.

The Roles of a Corporate Secretary

Recently, the roles and responsibilities of a corporate secretary within a company have increased exponentially. Among the duties and tasks that are expected of this individual include the following:

  • Primarily responsible for the reporting and administrative functions of the organisation
  • Administering the company’s affairs
  • Monitoring and governing the organisation
  • Offer advice and support for the operations and governance of business practices
  • Ensuring that board policy is followed and practised the way that it should
  • Assist in maintaining the registered office
  • Organise and arrange for the shareholder meetings
  • Preparing the necessary paperwork and documentation when needed.


Does My Company Need a Corporate Secretary?

The short answer is yes, every company should appoint a corporate or company secretary upon incorporation. Think of them as the backbone of your company. They will be the ones who keep your business running smoothly and efficiently while you oversee the other aspects of your business. It is very important that you take your time carefully selecting your candidate because the person you choose will play a role in determining the success of your business or otherwise.